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Group Exercise: Percentage Tables

By Professor Shortell
Created 09/30/2013 - 1:52pm

To reinforce our discussion of levels of measurement and percentage tables, and to give you some more practice with R, we'll look one more time at crosstabulations.

Use the Measurement script to guide your R commands: [1]

The dateframe is: [2]

Codebook: [3]

In this exercise, I want you to produce two percentage tables. First identify a dependent variable that you want to explain. You must select a categorical variable, since we are using crosstabs. Produce a table in R for that variable and interpret the results in a sentence or two. Next, find an independent variable that you think might influence your dependent variable and run the two-way percentage table. Interpret the results.

What can you say sociologically about the effect of your independent variable on your dependent variable?

Post your response as a comment to this page. Include the names of all group members.

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