Group Exercise: Logistic Regression 2

Your task is to improve upon the model in the example we discussed (predicting the odds of identifying as a Republican) by adding some attitudinal variables and other demographics. You may need to do some recoding to create binary variables.

Explain your model and discuss the results. Perform the significance test using the anova() function to see if your model fits significantly better than the example. Post your interpretation as a comment to this page.

BONUS point to the group with the best fitting model.

As you may recall, the form for the significance test is:
anova(glm(repub~spending+married+dem_unionhh+black+hispanic+collegegrad+northeast+northcentral+south,family="binomial"), glm(repub~spending+married+dem_unionhh+black+hispanic+collegegrad+northeast+northcentral+south+YOUR_ADDITIONAL_VARIABLES_HERE,family="binomial"), test="Chisq")