Welcome, Fall 2013

Note: I've changed the email address for my course sites to professor AT courseserve DOT info to reduce spam in my inbox. You can contact me at this address, or if you are a student in this course, login and use the contact form.

Welcome to SOCY 7112, Introductory Statistics. This is the first semester of the required two-semester sequence in quantitative analysis in the Sociology MA program.

I've created accounts for each of you. Your username is your first name followed by a space and the first letter of your last name. For example, the great sociologist Max Weber would have the username: Max W

The password for your account is your CUNYfirst ID. You can change your password after you login by clicking on the "My account" link in the left margin and then on "edit"; if you type (and confirm) a new password and click submit your password will be changed.

Please check that the email address associated with your username is correct, as I will use the course site to communicate with you during the semester. You can change your email address by clicking on the "My account" link and then on "edit."